Quebec Skilled Workers Immigration & French Language Test Requirement

Quebec, in spite if being a place located within the Canadian territory, has its own distinct set of immigration rules for migrants keen on migrating to it. There are rules and regulation of very nation about accepting visa applications. Each applicant should go through some clauses and rules under the visa subclass, before applying to any particular type of visa.

There is a particular type of visa category, for skilled workers, under the Canadian immigration service, but apart from that, for those who are eager, especially for going to Quebec, for work purposes, need to have Quebec Skilled Workers Immigration Visa. The said visa has its own set of rules — much different from those of normal immigration rules of Canada.

Since most of the people travel to Quebec for work, they have created a separate visa category for them and have named them as Quebec skilled workers immigration. There is information regarding the Quebec skilled workers immigration available in the website of the Quebec visa.

There are some tests that an applicant should pass to qualify for the application procedure. Any person, traveling for work purpose, that too under the Quebec immigration, should pass the French Language Test Requirements. The test is a criterion for choosing applicant as Ottawa cannot allow every applicant. There are limitations also.

It is a must for the applicant to pass the said test before proceeding further. Apart from the language test, there are some other tests that an applicant needs to pass, to have a confirmed application for immigration. Those tests include medical test and place verification.

There is also the requirement of sponsorship, to support oneself in the province, and it should be mentioned in the visa application about the source of sponsorship.

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