Making Use of Canadian Investor Program

Every year, thousands of people travel from different place across the world to Canada, for a plethora of reasons. While some people travel for work purposes, others for the mere reason of traveling. Whatever be the reason for the traveling, every person who migrates to the nation of Canada need a valid pass to do so.

There permission given by the government of Canada to the people, who enter the land, is known as Migration Visa. Now people travel for various reasons to Canada, and depending on that, the visa is granted. The visa has several subclasses depending on the reason a person wants to travel outside.

Ottawa has launched several interesting programs to attract more people towards its shores. Among such programs, the Canadian Investor Program is one such crowd-pulling program started by the Canadian Government.

The said program is for those applicants who are established as good businessman in their own region and who have the capability to invest money in the Maple Country. This program ensures that the applicants invest a certain percentage of money for the development of the economy and globalization of Canada.

There is another criterion for the applicant to get the Canadian Investor Program Visa. The criterion includes the applicant to posses a particular net amount being earned by the applicant legally. There is a group managed by the government sector that looks after the involved program.

After the application is granted by Ottawa, the applicant has to make an investment. According to the investment program, the candidate cannot be granted Permanent Residence Visa unless he makes the investments. The whole process gets completed within 30 days. Any delay may lead to cancellation.

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