Using Canadian Temporary Visa for Immigration Purposes

For visiting a foreign land, visa and immigration documents should be ready. Failing to do this can prevent one’s admission into a foreign land. Most individuals immigrating overseas do it for a temporary period. Those who wish to stay abroad, for a short period, should apply for a Temporary Visa to validate the stay. This is usually required by foreign students, businessmen who wish to stay for a temporary period.

Individuals immigrating to the country of Canada should apply for Canadian Temporary Visa, and for this some rules have to be followed, along with fulfillment of some eligibility conditions. Any person traveling to the Maple Country should carry valid travel documents and money to sustain the period of stay. In addition, the person should be in a good health.

An owner of a Canadian Temporary Visa should leave the country after the necessary period of stay, and he needs to satisfy the person in charge of immigration that he will return back to the country at the end of the stay. Now the question of how to apply for the said visa comes into the picture.

Not everyone travelling to the country in question needs a visa. However, one should check whether a visa is needed for him. If yes, he should check with visa offices of the native country and apply for a temporary visa. Filling up a form and the submission of the necessary documents usually do the job. It should always be kept in mind that a temporary visa to Canada validates temporary stay for the individual, and he should leave the country as soon as the stay period gets over.

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