Quebec to balance migration by inviting additional 7000 migrants in 2021

Quebec to balance migration by inviting additional 7000 migrants in 2021

The largest province of Canada, Quebec has announced the Immigration targets for the upcoming year as part of the plan d’immigration du Québec 2021. Canada has one of the finest immigration policies in the world and while majority of its provinces work in collaboration with the federal government, Quebec runs its independent immigration program i.e. Quebec Immigration Program.

Following the road map for 2021, Quebec will admit approximately 7000 immigrants more in 2021 to balance the gap in admissions in 2020 due to travel restrictions and other procedural delays. The figures say that Quebec would welcome anywhere between 44,500 to 47,500 migrants in 2021. The target is increased because the province will be admitting 30,500 immigrants this year rather than the projected figure of 44,500.

Out of the total invitations that will be issued in 2021, the majority of the applications would be selected under the province’s economic immigration programs. The percentage is expected to be as high as 62, taking the count to a range of between 27,500 and 29,300. The break-up of the total number of invitations under selection certification targets are as under –

  • Skilled workers, ranging between 19,400 and 22,400;
  • Business immigrants, ranging between 1,500 and 2,300;
  • Other economic immigrants, ranging between 400 and 600;
  • Refugees selected abroad, ranging between 4,400 and 4,700;
  • Other immigrants, ranging between 800 and 1,200.

Here, the other immigrants constitutes of the live-in caregivers and others. Quebec is also expecting to add another 10,200 permanent residents in 2021 arriving under family sponsorship, refugee and other immigration programs.

These numbers that have been projected for 2021 by the province also includes the applications that are currently being processed as per Quebec immigration application process or have the waiting status as of now. Time taken to process all these applications has also been factored-in while arriving at the projected figures.

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