Registered Nurse (Critical and Emergency) 254415 ANZSCO!

ANZSCO is the list of occupation which is in high demand in Australia. Registered Nurse (Critical and Emergency) is one of the occupations present on the list, hence those qualifying for the same have a great chance of exploring various job opportunities which the land of Kangaroos have to offer. The occupation is present on both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4, which means that the applicant can apply in either of the two, provided he qualifies for the same.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • The tasks include providing nursing care to the patients who are critically ill and those who have unstable conditions after undergoing a surgery or injury.
  • In addition, the tasks include taking care of patients who are in their acute phase of illness
  • The applicant needs to integrate new technologies in the overall treatment of the patient, which may include intensive care units and other retrieval services, to name a few.
  • Registration or licensing is required.


  • Bachelor Degree or higher qualification is the minimum qualification needed for the same.
  • Some employers may ask for at least five years of relevant experience to substitute for the formal qualification required.
  • Some firms ask for relevant experience and/or on-job-training in addition to the formal qualification.

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