What Requirements You Need Fulfilling To Get New Australia Skills Transfer Visa?

The Australian Administration has, reportedly, made a new visa scheme public. As per the information that we have on the subject, the key aim behind the introduction of the new visa is to draw the extremely trained migrants from some specific nations, like South Africa, for example.

As per a concerned person, come July 1, 2018, and the new Skills Transfer Visa will be piloted even as it is targeted at moving skills to local manpower, with a view to assist develop and expand the different trades & industries across the country.

The plan will be divided into two categories, namely, Established Businesses and Start-up Businesses.

Allegedly, it is required that both types of businesses submit an application to the administration so that they can sponsor the candidates for some particular exceptionally skilled positions.

The businesses also have to carry-out the labour market testing, to illustrate that they made a sincere attempt to find the local manpower having the appropriate expertise and know-how first.

Australia Skills Transfer Visa

Allegedly, for the start-up businesses to make the grade, it is compulsory that they run inside an STEM-associated domain (e.g. digital, biomedical, etc.). And, a ‘start-up business authority’, still to be determined, will have to sanction the trades/industries applying to the start-up class.

Against this, it is compulsory that the organizations in the established business are publicly listed or have had a yearly turnover of not less than 4 million Australian Dollars, for the previous two years.

There are 5 primary eligibility conditions and also 1 salary condition which require to be fulfilled, to make the cut for the visa in question.

Eligibility Conditions

With a view to be eligible for this visa under either the Established or the Start-up Business Category, it is mandatory that you:

  1. Fulfill the health, character and security conditions;
  2. Have no family association with the firm/venture directors/shareholders;
  3. Possess the necessary qualifications proportionate to the exceedingly skilled role;
  4. Possess not less than 3 years of employment experience directly applicable to the responsibility;
  5. Possess the capability to sail through on your abilities.
  6. Salary Requirement: At the time of submitting an application under the Established Visa Category it is mandatory that the position publicized earn not less than 180,000 Australian Dollars every year. For the Start-up Business Category, it is required that the bare minimum annual wages are at the market salary rate (not less than 53,900 Australian Dollars every year.

Permanent Residency

Allegedly, in case the petition is successful, the DHA will issue a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa with a validity of 4 years. But, post only three years on this visa, you can submit an application for Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation. What’s more: in the wake of having resided in the country for a period of 4 years, on your Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, and having enjoyed PR for the previous year, you will be entitled to present a petition for the much sought after Australian citizenship.

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