Residency Requirements for CCTB

As an immigrant if you want to avail the Canada Child tax Benefits (CCTB), you must submit some of the mandatory documents which are the documentary evidence of your residence status in Canada.

Based on your immigration and residency status, you may/may not have to submit a Status in Canada/Statement of Income form. It has to be filled by you and spouse under the following circumstances:

  • You were granted a Canadian citizenship with the last one year, prior to applying for CCTB.
  • You and your spouse are not yet the citizens of Canada.
  • You have come back to Canada as a resident and have returned within the previous 2 years.

In addition to the above, you along with spouse must also submit the following –

  • Your tax returns filed in Canada which clearly mentions the income that has been earned by you and spouse after landing in Canada.
  • Status in Canada/Statement of Income form which showcases your world income for the time period before your entered Canada. Also, for the previous 2 years.

However, to know more it is bets suggested that you contact an Immigration and Visa Specialist who has all the know – how of all the procedural requirements for an immigrant. So, contact one today!

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