Which one to Choose – Eb5 or the Eb2 Visa?

Eb5 and Eb2 are some of the most popular ways to get into the United States from a foreign country. But the question that many prospective applicants face is which one to choose from. A majority of the applicants are given preference to the Eb5 Visa over the other one.

Both of them are almost the similar barring the fact that Eb2 Visa allows the applicants to enter the US in order to control a particular investment. It is mandatory for these immigrants to hail from certain countries and make an investment of $200,000, contrary to $1 million or $500,000 that is required in the case of Eb5 Visa. It is also essential that the type of business should contribute to the US economy in a major way.

In the case of Eb5 Visa, immigrants from nearly every country can apply; therefore the program holds an edge over the Eb2 Visa. Also many Immigration pundits think that Eb2 might not be the best option for all those are looking for a PR in the US. But if you are choosing US for a few years, Eb2 is the option for you. Also, the prolonged waiting period in the case of Eb2 Visa makes it less popular as compared to the Eb5 Visa.

The route to Eb5 Visa might require more money but there is more stability and freedom as compared to the Eb2 Visa. The applicants have the choice of selling their business once they enter the country and fulfill the mandatory requirements.

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