Right Time for Application in Australia Immigration Visa

As per the latest updates on Australian skilled and business migration selection process, if you have been waiting to push in your request for Down Under, then this is the Right Time for Australia Immigration Application. The SkillSelect has proven to be a good bet for the Aussie authorities and their gamble of investing money and efforts into conceptualizing and developing a comprehensive and effective migration system capable of assisting the authorities in every way possible, i.e. introducing new and removing redundant provisions and incorporating changes in the existing system, as per requirement.

The SkillSelect platform has a very flexible functioning logic and it allows the changes to be incorporated in any of its component or subsystem at any time. In last 2 years Australian government has been flooded with several applications on one side and on other there is consistent rise in demand for qualified expertise in various nodes of labor pool of the country including the federal and provincial pools. This prompted the government to raise the minimum annual trade caps of all the professional references in SOL (for subsection189) to 1000. Besides this, the provincial nomination programs were given freedom to select people irrespective of the annual number caps, i.e. these schemes have been given an unrestrained freedom to make unlimited selections of required expertise.

The impacts of the changes are strongly reflected in the selection process of all the visa classes. In the selection round conducted on March 24, 2014, the Aussie authority shortlisted 2000 people for next phase final phase of selection round for subsection 189 (permanent federal class). Similarly 15 applicants were advised to advance to the next stage of Australia Immigration Visa subclass 489 (territorial nomination temporary).

In the short listing round concluded on Mar 21, 2014, the minimum cut-off marks was pitched at 60 marks. In the selection over 95% aspirants selected, had scores between 60 and 70 only a meager 5% (less than that had scores above 70 marks.

Although, the selection pattern does not correctly highlight the situation in each individual trade code pool, but the trends of selection are encouraging enough for the aspirants waiting to squeeze in their Applications for Australia Immigration through SkillSelect. The raised minimum threshold limits for occupations has had a positive impact on the selection process and the authorities have doubled the selection numbers.

If you have been contemplating an idea of moving down south then you should start preparing.

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