Time Appropriate for Australia Immigration for Public Relation Professionals

If you are one of those Australia immigration-motivated Public Relation Professionals, for whom only the sky is the limit, then here’s a positive news report especially for you! You are wanted in the country at the present, and the time is ripe for you to show your interest overseas movement to Oz under the ANZSCO Code 225311. Your chosen occupation is in-demand in Australia even as it is likely to offer you great opportunities and handsome pay-packages, not to mention wonderful work environments.

Also known as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, it’s no secret, is an accepted immigration hotspot with amazingly beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, very old rock formations, and marvelous all round prosperity. Thanks to the well-paying job-opportunities, the country is preferred by many professionals, keen to start a new life–both professionally and personally.

The Department of Australia Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) gives different visa programs to suit the requirements of applicants:

  1. Employer Nomination Scheme (sub class 186)
  2. Standard business sponsorship (subclass 457)
  3. Regional sponsored migration scheme (subclass 187)
  4. Point based Skill migration Visa

Though it’s not mandatory it’s advisable to submit application for the post of Public Relation Professional under State Nomination or Regional Sponsorship. The nomination will help you to get a visa early, plus 5 points extra on the point’s score system.

What really makes the job of a Public Relations officer worth applying in Australia is its evolution as a preferred job in the global market. Managing a global business venture requires good expertise on relations building, communication materials and brand building. As a professional, you are responsible to create a company’s positive picture to attract credibility, investment and share holding.

Significantly, the designated authorities at ‘Australian Skills Recognition Information’ identify such requirements of the business firms in the domestic market and an outcome to this realization is 225311 Public Relations Professional.

Coming back to the work profile of these experts, they are supposed to plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and different communication strategies to frame favorable view of an organization.

Key Job Responsibilities

  1. Planning and organizing publicity campaigns and communication strategies;
  2. Editing and re-editing the material submitted by publicity writers, Photographers and others to create favorable publicity;
  3. Advising related executives on the matter of implications of policies, programs and practices;
  4. Writing press releases;
  5. Undertaking public opinion research, analyzing the findings;
  6. Planning public relations and promotional campaigns;
  7. Organizing events, seminars, competitions and social functions to promote favorable publicity;
  8. Representing organizations at different places, events, seminars, etc; and
  9. Arranging executive interviews with publicity media both print and electronic.

To become a professional, you need to have bachelor degree or relevant higher qualification, or at least five years of experience, to substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances, both may be required, on and above the recognized qualification.

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