UK Investor Visa: A Fleeting Look

The United Kingdom (UK) is a dream overseas hotspot for many. It’s well-known for its first-rate health policies via which the citizens enjoy many helpful health benefits. There are several avenues to enter the country for temporary residency purposes but those who are keen to gain the prized Permanent Residency (PR) status in the nation; the sure shot way is the UK Investor Visa route.

A person, who is rich and wishes to apply for this visa, has to apply for a Tier 1 Permit. The applicant, who is willing to invest 10000 pounds or more in the nation, is eligible for this visa. The permit has to be applied 3 months before travelling. Visa fees vary according to the situation, and also the nation from which the petition has been presented.

The Permit is valid for a maximum of 3 years and 4 months with the facility of further extension up to another 2 years. One of the many advantages of this visa is that the holder can invest this money in share capital, government bonds, and in registered UK companies. The permit enables the holders to study as well work in the nation.

The applicant gains the UK residency after 2 years, and if he has invested 5 million then he is eligible to apply for PR after 3 years. But the permit restricts the holder from working as a sports person or coach. He cannot get public funds also. He is even not allowed to work as a doctor or dentist until and unless he holds a Bachelor Degree from any institute of the Island

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As far as eligibility goes, the investment can be made under one or more financial institutions. Students supported by financial sponsorship can also apply for the Tier 1 only, in case he is writing a thesis, or is a student nurse, a post graduate dentist or doctor.

The applicant should posses the funds equivalent to 10000 British Pounds– either in his own account or in his wife’s account. This money can be in any bank of the UK or in the bank from where the applicant has applied. The aspirant can may take a loan for the purpose, but in such a case, he has to show that his personal assets are just double than the amount of investment.

The necessary documents for investor visa are current passport, passport size color photograph. In some cases, the applicant has to show his tuberculosis test results also. A detailed proof of money as to where and how much money is held by the applicant has to be also submitted, and also the mode of transferring the money to UK needs to be declared.

In case the candidate is using his partner’s funds, then a certificate of marriage with the written permission of allowing the applicant the usage of the funds has to be furnished. All these documents have to be submitted along with the application filled online. The visa fees is payable through credit card. The print-out of the filled form can be at the visa application centers.

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