What Rights Permanent Residents in Australia Have?

Who are the permanent residents of Australia?

Basically, the people who are not the native Australians are considered as the non-citizens of the nation, and such people apply for the Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) in order to get the citizenship. Let’s discuss more about Permanent Residents in Australia.

Permanent Residents in Australia
Permanent Residents in Australia

What are the rights these permanent residents have?

There are several rights that these people have but here are the some specific rights that they own-

  1. When anyone applies for the permanent resident rights in Australia, they get the full authority to enter as a permanent resident. However, if the permanent resident desires to travel internationally, they need to make sure that they have the permanent visa with a valid travel authority, so, that if they wish to return, they can return as the permanent resident.
  2. The citizens are allowed to vote but a non-resident can’t vote. However, if the non-residents have enrolled themselves, they have the opportunity to vote.

Benefits for Permanent Residents in Australia

They get the full assurance for their social security under the Social Security Act 1931. Apart from the social, they also get the National health scheme Benefits, Educational Benefits and can also apply for the higher education loan programme, and much more options are there.

So, this was the overview of the permanent resident rights in Australia. One can easily apply for the status, but when anyone is applying for it make sure that one have all the authenticated papers as there are many phases in which one need to undergo. If any fault is found, the visa is terminated or it’s not processed further. So, do make sure that you have all the valid papers and follow each and every formality properly.

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