Australian Investor Visa – What Benefits Greet Holders?

Australian Investor Visa

Selecting an Australian Investor Visa is just like an important decision in the career life, where you put in a lot of hard work & planning and pass out with flying colors. As you are the one who enjoys Permanent Residency (PR) in the country and the benefits that are attached to it.

It is an easiest way to earn income on your savings and earnings. Due to the easy and flexible immigration rules, it is the most selected pathway for immigration. Australia provides with relaxation in taxes, and all kinds of assistance that is needed for establishing business therein.

Australian Investor Visa
Australian Investor Visa

Benefits of Australian Investor Visa

The visa holders get numerous benefits.

  1. Effects of political conditions: Due to slump or insufficient investment, foreign investment is the most positive approach adopted by the country. As it helps in creating employment and hence boost up the economy, overall. In this regard the Investor Visa acts like a boom in the nation.
  2. Lesser time: It is the quickest way of migration to Oz as the time taken in this visa category is lesser than any other skilled immigration visa category.
  3. Easy to obtain PR: The investor is on the win-win side as he qualifies for its Australian PR immediately.
  4. Benefits enjoyed by the spouse: When you cross the borders, and move to Down Under, on the investment grounds, your spouse also becomes eligible to migrate. As such, there are no tough visa interviews for the partners. Your Investor Visa allows your spouse to look for employment opportunities in the new nation.
  5. Benefits to children: Kids below 21 years of age get the permission to shift along with the investor to the host country. This way they become eligible to get admission in the school and an opportunity to study at the best schools of the country. On attaining the age of 18-21, he qualifies for applying for the PR of the country according to its rules.
  6. No necessary stay: The Investor Visa fosters the freedom of movement to another country. He is not required to live in the investing country throughout his investment tenure.
  7. No need for the ILETS score: Investor Visa Programme doesn’t call for any specific requirement, like the ILETS score or any professional experience of their home country.
  8. Freedom of travelling: In some specific nations, the Investor Visa allows the freedom of travelling to the nearby countries. Like, for instance, grabbing the Australian Investor Visa allows you to enjoy the liberty of travelling to New Zealand, without any additional visa liabilities.
  9. The investor enjoys the freedom of making investment: There is no hard and fast rule that the investor needs to invest in any particular category. He can make investments in whatever entices him. He can either become the sole proprietor, join with others, or club with pre made investments. He enjoys the freedom of selecting his own preferences.
  10. Safe investment: The investment remains safe with Oz. Depending on its policies, your invested money is returned to you though with any interest, but your investment is safe with the nation.

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