Are You Interested To Move Abroad? Check Canada Investor Visa Requirements!

Canada Investor Visa

When a country experiences the blow of recession or any other slump in its economy, the Investor Visa acts like a soothing balm on its economic conditions. With the sole aim of making investments fully beneficial to the country, the Investor Visa is much thought about pathway of the country. Canada Investor Visa is one such option from the country to invite applicants worldwide, to make investments so that the economy grows and improves further.

Canada Investor Visa
Canada Investor Visa

The Maple Leaf Country is a vast country and ruled by its different provinces and territories. Every province and territory follows its own specific immigration rules, but the visa is granted by the federal and provincial governments through its various immigration schemes. A migrant who wishes to move to the Maple Leaf Country can take this pathway as it carries very less requirements.

Unlike other immigration plans, you don’t need-

  1. Any special educational requirement.
  2. No high ILETS scores, but it is expected that the interested aspirant is well versed in the international language. This language skill helps him in easy settling and the execution of his work in the country.
  3. His managerial skill is his biggest asset. Whatever he has acquired from his hard work, in terms of monetary value, is invested in the country.
  4. To stay in the country for the time you have made investment for. You can move in and out of the country whenever you wish to.

What is expected from the applicant?

  1. It is expected from you that your company or business or investment should be able to open up some vacancies for the citizens.
  2. That you will actively participate in the working of the company.
  3. That you possess enough skills to run your business in the nation.
  4. That the investment made by you is legally earned and accumulated through carrying-out legal activities in your home country.
  5. That you do not have any criminal record. There is no place for criminals and cheaters in the nation. So, you may need to submit the necessary papers, to prove that you are a law abiding person.
  6. That you do not have any history of ailments. Ottawa bans the entry of all those suffering from any kind of sickness that could prove harmful to the Canadian residents.
  7. Get your complete medical examination done before applying for the Canada Investor Visa.
  8. That you have strong bank balance to sustain your life in the country. Apart from investment money, your bank balance should show enough funds that would help you live happily in the hotspot.

Canada Investor Visa also allows the refund of the capital invested money. Usually, the invested sum is returned after 5 years 3 months. No interest is paid on this money though.

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