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Investment Immigration to Canada

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the concerned Canadian organization–manages its cap of migrants. The investor-aspirants are provided with all sorts of help, so that their investments result in the further growth of the Canadian economy. In return, they are given numerous benefits, including the prized Permanent Residency (PR) rights in the nation. Let’s discuss about Immigration to Canada.

Canada Immigration PR Visa
Canada Immigration PR Visa

Investment immigration to Canada will be possible, if, as an investor-applicant, you successfully meet the eligibility conditions.

  1. Minimum capital funds: An applicant seeking migration to the country needs to possess more than 2 million Canadian Dollars. The amount is partially invested in the concerned province and finance companies that provide financial help to the needy ones. The money is also utilized for providing better services to the migrants and the residents. The amount that an investor holds should be legally earned money by carrying-out a legal work in his home country. His money is invested for a period of 5 years with the Canadian Government. The invested money is returned completely to the applicant after 5 years, no interest is paid on this invested amount. Apart from the invested money, the applicant must have enough funds to maintain his living in the country.
  2. Language proficiency: For qualifying, an investor-applicant needs to prove his skills in English or French, or both. His language ability should include reading, listening, speaking and writing. Through this language ability only he will be able to communicate with the residents. It will also help him live, minus any difficulties, in the country. To clear this hurdles, an applicant needs to get his skills duly verified in the test conducted by the IRCC. An applicant needs to score the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 in any of the two languages. Plus, his language score should not be more than 2 years old.
  3. Education: The applicant holding a Canadian degree or diploma or a one year certificate is more likely to qualify. He needs to go through an educational credential assessment test conducted by the IRCC. This test will help in reviewing his educational background, in terms of Canadian education.
  4. Managerial Skills: For Investment immigration to Canada one also must have managerial qualities. The candidate needs to possess enough skills to perform his business in the nation. He requires actively participating in the working of his firm or company.
  5. Necessary Documents: Only honest and hard-working applicants will get entry. One requires submitting all relevant documents proving that he is a lawful resident of his native country and the money that he is investing is legally earned by you.
  6. A big “NO” to sick people: The nation doesn’t allow the entry of those suffering from any kind of diseases. Before entering, an applicant needs to get his medical examination done from the concerned authorities.


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