Rise in Immigration to UK with Increased Number of Students!

According to a report, immigration to UK has increased over 20% in the last one year. This has come about when more and more students from overseas are coming to study in Britain.

As per the Office of National Statistics, the total long term immigration for the last year was about 196,000. When compared to that of 2008, it was 163,000. With this, the number of student visas has also increased by 35% which led to a number of 362,015 till June. It has been seen that there has been a rise in the number of students coming to pursue higher education in UK. This has been after the introduction of the Points Based System.

However, many campaign groups have argued that this system is more of an ambiguity as many local students are not proceeding with higher education due to unexplained places. Damian Green, the Immigration Minister for Britain said that there would a thorough assessment of these rules.

On the other hand, there are many students who come to UK. At the same time, the universities in the nation also spot them as a good source of income especially when the government is putting cuts on the budgets for higher education. According to a research which came about recently, about a third of universities are also planning to raise their intake of foreign students for their undergraduate courses.

Keeping the admissions to traditional universities aside, many more foreign students have enrolled to about 600 lower tier colleges where it is much easier to obtain an admit. At the same time, these colleges are accredited to give out bachelor degrees.

These colleges also offer qualifications in ancient medicine, circus skills as well as acupuncture. Most of these students also obtain a work permit in the country after finishing their graduate. As per the report, there are about 4,000 illegal migrants who are supposed to have taken benefit of fake colleges to walk into the nation.

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