Immigration Cap to be Implemented by UK!

The British government is finally implementing a cap on its annual intake of skilled migrants from next April. This would definitely pose difficulties for many applicants especially the highly-skilled professionals from India, specifically those working in the field of services and healthcare.

According to Damian Green, the Immigration Minister for Britain, there would be an annual quota. The first of these quotas would begin in April next year which would be executed for Tier I and tier II. Tier I caters to the highly skilled professionals where as Tier II caters to those applicants who already have a job offer in prior. He also said that Britain is not attempting anything strange in its annual quota.

An interim quota has already been implemented in the meantime which has started from July 2010 till March 2011 before the final cap is set. This involves a limit of 5,100 for tier – I and around 20,000 for the Tier II category. As of now, this can be considered as a short respite for the IT professionals from India. The Indian IT industry is completely dependent on Intra Company Transfer or the ICT route to send professionals to Britain. This has not been included in the interim quota with talks being on with the associations from the industry regarding the use of ICT after April next year.

On the issue, Mr. Som Mittal, President for Nasscom said that the industry of technology feels that these quotas should not be executed on the ICT professionals. According to the data, these professionals reside in the nation for less than two years, so it is not related to immigration but instead is about trade. Mr. Mittal would also be meeting the Migration Advisory Committee to discuss this matter in London.

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