Romanians Deportation in an Illegal Immigration Crackdown!

According to the Ministry of Immigration for France, about 300 Romanian nationals have been deported. Two planes carrying these people left France. This has come about in abidance with a program by the French government which decided to expel all those Romanians who were residing without valid documentation. One flight took of from Lyon which carried 113 Roma where as the other flight started from Paris with 157 people.

These people on the plane were admitted voluntarily. They accepted a compensation of 300 euros for each adult and 100 euros per child. When compared to 2009, about 8,300 Bulgarians and Romanians have been deported. About 10,000 people were removed from the nation in 2009.

As per the French officials, these deportations are a part of a much larger crackdown on illegal migration. More such flights are scheduled to leave in the next few days. In the last month, about 51 Roma camps have been cracked down as being illegal.

It has to be noted that Roma are a group which are mainly found in Southern and Eastern Europe with most of them living in poverty. They are commonly known as gypsies as they usually live in camps or caravans or other forms of informal settlements. If looked into the past, these people have always been the target of persecution.

The President of Romania, Traian Basescu stated that his nation would try to seek a solution to the situation in France. He said that they understand the problems that arise out of these camps when they are formed around cities in France. So the government would work with France to chalk out a suitable outcome.

Roma belonging to Romania and Bulgaria are permitted to walk into France if these people are citizens of the European Union. Post entering France, they should seek employment or pursue education or find a way to establish themselves in France or they would be subject to deportation.

According to the Foreign Ministry of France, two Secretaries of State from Romania intend to be in Paris to discuss about the integration of Roma populations. They also said that Paris is favors the social integration of the Roma residing in Romania.

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