Road to IELTS is the Road of Immigrate!

If you are one of those applicants who wish to immigrate, it is important for you to know that most countries ask for good proficiency in the English language. For this purpose, all prospective immigrants who belong to ethnicities where English is not the primary language, an IELTS score is demanded. The IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is the authorized body designated by many countries to judge the ability of their applicants’ proficiency and skills in English. This makes IELTS one of the key factors in order to get your visa. For this, a thorough preparation is a must in this regard.

The British Council has developed the Road to IELTS program as an aid for those appearing for the IELTS. The course work includes intensive coursework that would enable you to enhance your abilities to perform the best. This 30 hours preparatory coursework involves all sections that are reading, writing, listening and speaking which would aid you to examine your skills and thus, fill in the gaps. This coursework also caters to both – Academic and General Training Modules of IELTS.

This course could be found on the Internet where in you can practice your skills on the various online tests made available by the program. Many test samples are also available such as videos for the speaking section which demonstrates the various test modules. This would make you analyse the various contexts from which a question might be asked.

Additionally, you can also get to know where you stand depending on your score. More so, you can check the correct answers which would help you to improve. The key feature here being that you can compare your score with the other participants as well. At a particular timeline, there are 3 themes which are active under the Road to IELTS and these themes are shuffled quarterly.

Above all, the test is absolutely free! It could be accessed here, All that you need to do is enter your test date, test number and your passport number. You can easily avail this test even after one week post your IELTS exam.

All the Best!

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