UK Clears the Indian Misconceptions on its Immigration Amendments!

With the recent changes in the immigration rules of the United Kingdom, it has led to a big concern amongst the Indians especially those living in UK or planning to immigrate. To clear all doubts on the issue, Lord Peter Mandelson who is the UK Business Secretary said that no such hassles would be catered too since they understand that the UK is a major hub for the major Indian business activities. At the launch of the Indian Institute of Science – the UK lecture series 2010, Mr. Mandelson spoke to remove all the misconceptions that had developed post the amendments. He said that the doors of the United Kingdom would always be open to the highly skilled migrants and investors.

Since, all the major Indian IT companies operate in the UK as well; Britain would obviously be on the advantage adding to its economy. The UK government is now trying to ensure that Britain is the first choice for all such Indian firms as a pathway into the European market and make their presence felt.

With this, the Business Secretary also said that the UK government is keen to have India as its partner for various research and development related projects.

Above all, the concerns are but obvious which would raise with sudden changes in the immigration policies. However, these amendments have been brought about with respects to the illegal migration and unwanted abuse of the freedom given to the immigration that end up staying back as refugees.

In case, you are one of those planning to immigrate to the United Kingdom, it is recommended that you get in touch with an Immigration and Visa Expert since he would be updated regarding all the latest of the amendments. With this, a lot of confusion would arise for a first time immigrant. The application and the documentation process can turn out to be quite a tedious process. So contact one today!

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