Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Programme – Most Simple Method to Acquire Canada PR for International Students

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Programme

Do you know that using the widely used Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Programme (SINP) fruitfully international students can easily get the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada?

It is a fact that getting the PR position in the country is a BIG dream of several individuals across the globe. The international students particularly who are residing in the nation are exceedingly keen to obtain the prized position.

This is an altogether different matter that receiving it is a very difficult task with the reason being one has navigate through different procedures & screenings. And, only a handful of top students in the final scores really manage to sail through it.

Under such a situation what to do? How to acquire PR? Well, while applying for the PR standing the most critical roadblocks are the low IELTS total and an employment offer. However, when one navigates through the SINP, he does not have to lose his sleep over these obstacles.


In case one files a petition for PR via the scheme then there are high possibilities that he will be in a position to get it lastly. When an aspirant checks the particulars of the plan rather closely he will come across a class Occupation in Demand and here lies the trick.
It is advisable to submit an application using this specific stream only. The concerned authorities have noticeably made public that there is no requirement whatsoever of a job offer for the sub class. However, it is mandatory that the candidate is a highly capable expert for the job he selects through the list displayed under it.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nomination Programme – Key Features

1. No Requirement of Employment Offer. One just has to produce work experience in his chosen profession.
2. One has to score not less than 60 to make the cut.
3. The cut off score for IELTS is not too high.
4. One does not have to be very skilled in the French Language (Non-compulsory for the IELTS). Even a basic knowledge is enough.
5. Rapid Processing Time.

Qualification Rating

It is compulsory that the applicants get not less than 60 out of 100 points up-for -grabs with a view to make the grade. They give points as per these features:

1. Educational history & Training
2. Expertise in the selected skill and relevant job experience
3. Language Ability
4. Age
5. Adaptability and also familiarity with the local labor market

Who Are Not Eligible?

The aspirants can’t apply for nomination via the scheme for PR in case:

1. They have also presented a petition for the refugee standing from the Federal Government.
2. They do not put forward their papers/certificates in time.
3. They do not establish that they are truly ready to do a job in the province.
4. They deliberately, and on purpose, represented themselves in the wrong manner.

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