Secondary School Teacher – 241411!

ANZCSO is the list of occupation which is in high demand in Australia. if your occupation is present on it, then you have a great chance of making it big in the country, provided you fulfill the mandatory requirements linked with the same. Secondary School Teacher is one such occupation listed in the ANZCSO list of occupation. Also, it is present on both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4, which means that the applicant qualifying for the occupation can apply under either of the two lists. You may NOT be required to fulfill all the responsibilities linked with this profession.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • The applicant is required to teach one subject or more than it within the curriculum which is prescribed in the syllabus and class.
  • Additionally, he or she needs to promote a student’s development related with his social, emotional and physical needs and understands his requirements to the core.
  • Registration or licensing is required.


  • The applicant needs to have a level of skill commensurate with a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree or higher qualification.
  • Some cases may demand on-job training while others may ask for relevant experience.
  • In other cases, all the aspects are a must to have.

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