Secure Communities Program Helping Oklahoma in Deporting Illegal Immigrants!

The Secure Communities Program which was implemented last year in the US state of Oklahoma and Tulsa counties of Oklahoma State have proved successful for the counties. The very program allows to police to take the fingerprints of every individual arrested. Out of many thousands whom fingerprints have been taken after being arrested, many hundreds were identified as illegal immigrants, who are eventually subject to deportation for the United States in the aforementioned counties.

Oklahoma and Tulsa counties joined the league to introduce the Secure Communities by implementing it in November in 2009. The program sends the fingerprints of individuals who are arrested and put behind the bars for immigration database and further investigation by federal agencies.

Ever since the introduction of the program, as many as 30,000 fingerprints have been collected and put into record in Oklahoma and Tulsa counties, as per the statistics of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Of late, there were over 1,200 cases have been identified for suspected immigration violations and 429 deportations.

Some are in favor of the program for its simplicity and ease of taking fingerprints which helps identify the immigration violators in the nation, however, there are others who criticizes the program and say that its paves the door to rights violations, as well as it lacks transparency.

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