Kevin Rudd backs Julia Gillard on foreign policy!

It is a known fact that the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is not very keen when it comes to foreign policy. This has led to her face a lot of criticism from everywhere. However, the foreign minister of the nation, Kevin Rudd has backed the Prime Minister when it came to her stand.

Instead, the Prime Minister prefers to watch children in school learn in school in Australia rather than attend international meetings. She made this statement while she was in Brussels, Belgium attending the Asia-Europe meeting. As per Mr. Rudd, the Prime Minister is making a point which is quite valid. He also said that the issue is being out of proportion. This is because education is one of the important priorities of the government. That was the only important point being emphasized by Ms. Gillard.

At the same time, Mr. Rudd also maintained that his absence from Brussels is not much of an issue. He said that even in the past, the foreign ministers have rarely been on such tours with the prime minister on such international gatherings. It can be called as the custom and convention in the nation to go about such way.

Immigration is an important issue ranging from the changing policies to illegal migrants to the asylum seekers. Even though education is an important priority for the nation, illegal migration has been constantly plaguing the nation. So, when it comes to foreign policy; immigration plays a crucial role and it cannot be neglected.

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