US Trying to Influence Massachusetts to Join Security Plan!

United States’ federal officials are forcing different law enforcing agencies in Massachusetts, as well as its Police to support the national security program that lets police to check the immigration status of any individual arrested and fingerprinted, which comes into force by 2013. But, the Massachusetts’ different agencies and police are not sure of the impact of the federal secure Communities Program on the state. They also fear the program does not discord with a policy that releases the State Police from enforcing immigration law in the state.

Reportedly, the largest city in Massachusetts, Boston is the sole community to lend its support to the federal secure Communities Program. Police forces from other communities in the state showed their reluctance to join the program, since, as they expressed the reason, they fear that the idea of immigration status check would likely to hold back people from complaining or reporting a crime.

But, the federal officials from the US immigration department are giving their best efforts to get the support from the federal secure Communities Program for last one year. As part of the plan, last year the US Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement also sent a letter in which officials urged state officials to sign a memorandum to establish a solid foundation in order to bring counties of the state and its police departments online. It’s a different thing that the memorandum was signed by none.

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