Significant Changes in Singapore Immigration Rules for Skilled Workers

Government of Singapore has incorporated drastic alterations in skills migration policies that are be bought into force from next year, which include introduction of stringent norms that would dampen the hopes of immigrants waiting for gaining entry into this awesome city state.

Although this one of the 4 Asian tiger nations is known for liberal laws that facilitate inflow of trained overseas expertise but new incorporation’s indicate at a flight away from those easy days when it was quite easy for highly skilled migrants to gain entry and look for employment. Institutionalization of new stipulations in skilled migration policy will result in more complex and hurdle prone Immigration pathways for migration enthusiasts and Singaporean companies. Organizations seeking to hire oversea workers will have to fulfill more procedural stipulations and complete more paperwork than ever before.

Some experts quote that these new incorporation’s would certainly hamper economic growth of this island nation in long run perspective. Introductions that have been instituted into the framework of migration policy aims to create such provisions that will force the Singapore based employers to consider the talent out of local populace before opting for overseas recruitment’s.

This alteration will carry considerable impact on large number of employment giving concerns looking forward to filing for Employment Permits (EP).

Singaporean employers use EPs to hire foreign Skilled Workers to fill up various positions in executive, managerial or specialized capacities. Although, as per new policy recommendations, the organizations will only need to consider locals (not prioritize their appointments on vacant posts) before opting for overseas recruitments, this new order will certain lengthen the time of recruitment and pose hurdles in way of fulfilling gaps and shortages in domestic labor pool.

Ministry quotes specifically that new law will not however affect companies sticking to laws and that this introduction aims to tune in recruitment functions of organizations not abiding by guidelines in terms of nominating overseas Skilled Workers for Immigration to Singapore. As per the sources of ministry the amendments have been brought in as a response to increasing anti migrant sentiments among the local populace. The new laws are being seen as a move to curb the discriminatory hiring policies by the employers and will be introduced in phases.

The new planned Singapore Skilled Immigration Rules include

  • Raising the minimum salary cutoff that companies must pay to the overseas workers entering the country on basis of EP i.e. $3300 from older $3000
  • Companies employing more than 25 people will now need to place advertisements all vacant posts which fall under the less than $12000 categories for a minimum of 2 weeks on database managed by authorities

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