Some Law Shocks for Australia Immigration Subclass 457

As per the latest information and credible inputs the Australian authorities seem to be in a mood to hand over another shock to the immigrants entering the country on basis of Subclass 457 temporary class. As per the new updates, the Aussie government is set to introduce new provisions that will make family living in this country almost impossible and unfeasible for people on temporary arrangement.

The new Immigration Law Shocks involves introduction of compulsory education fee and annual educational fee for the children of migrants entering country on employment based temporary visa. The fee structure instituted involves an exorbitant levy of education fee for the children of temporary migrants.

It is worth noting that the Aussie government guarantees a free education to the Australian children and no fee is charged from the parents of children enrolling for education in the state schools. But the new laws and policies will stipulate the parents living and working in Australia on Subclass 457 will now have to shell out this huge amount. This introduction is additions to other heavy levies introduced on temporary immigrants.

With education turning heavy on pockets subsistence for people residing in the country on section 457 will become impossible and this is surely going to dampen the plans of several thousands of people thinking of shifting Down Under with their families. This new law is being seen as a discriminatory step as the education is offered free of cost to all other categories.

Now if you have entered the country on basis of provisional skills residential permit and are intending to enroll your child in an Aussie state school, then be ready to pay a huge amount. This is not all the government has also raised the annual fee amount and the new applicable charges will amount to AUS$ 4,000 in place of a meager amount of $ 60.

The new introduction will come into force from 2015. The fee of Aus $ 4000 per annum will be applicable for the first child and for every subsequent child the applicable fee will be Aus $ 2000 per annum.

Some Aussie law experts feel that this step has been initiated as part of Some Law Shocks For Australia Immigration Subclass 457, that aim at discouraging use of this segment by migrants and employers. It may be noted that several instances of misuse were reported in the initiation year in which many companies were reportedly bringing in cheaper overseas labor from locations like India.

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