Simplification of Tasman Immigration Checks!

For the convenience of the passengers and airline staff members, Trans-Tasman airline Jetstar has requested the government of Australia to reduce the immigration checks for New Zealand-bound flights.

Bruce Buchanan, chief executive of the Jetstar airline raised the same issue two years back but no concrete action took place after that. But now it has become very important for some action to be taken in this concern. He further said that by removing the controls for immigrants on one side at Tasman would lower the unnecessary stress from the staff members who had to perform the various tasks and duties again and again.

John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand agreed with this suggestion and feels that this would prove to be a great way to smoothen the travel between Australia and New Zealand. He further said that the removal of controls could be on any one of the side. And this new step would also be economical for us.

For the implementation of this idea, Jetstar has forwarded its proposal to the concerned authorities of both the countries. It has been estimated that the simplification of security checks at borders would benefit both the countries and the airlines. This would also reduce the costs of fare for the passengers. If this proposal would receive the acceptance from the concerned authorities from both the countries, it would truly be beneficial for Jetstar. One of the representatives from the airlines told to the press that they are really hoping that some concrete action would be taken in concern of this.

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