All about Singapore Landed Permanent Resident Visa

Do you have an exceptional educational qualification from a reputed university, with outstanding scores? Do you have significant professional work experience? Are your skills much in demand in Singapore? Would you like to move to this nation for living?

If your answer to all these questions is YES, Singapore Landed Permanent Resident (LPR) Visa is the perfect choice for you. This particular visa program allows the prospective overseas aspirants to apply for the much prized Singapore Permanent Residence. Applicants with outstanding skills, profiles, qualifications and work experience have the best chance to qualify for Singapore immigration under this program.

Once your LPR application receives approval, you will be provided with 1-2 years to search a job for yourself or move your family to the country, on the basis of which you will be provided with the PR in Singapore.

Prerequisites for Singapore Landed PR Visa

  • The Singapore LPR Visa is designed for high level executives or managers or individuals with an exceptional educational background from a reputed university.
  • It is for those who are performing significant responsibilities for global companies.
  • Your present occupation must be on the most demanding occupations list in Singapore.

Other popular Singapore visa programs

Global Investor Program or GIP

This particular program is designed for those overseas entrepreneurs, who want to invest or start a new business in the nation. The said program provides the way to obtain Singapore permanent residence to the approved applicants.

Singapore Entrepreneur Pass

Also called Singapore Entrepass, it is for those overseas aspirants, who have a sound business and self-employment background. This visa program is also very useful for those entrepreneurs, who intend to commence their businesses in the country, for settling down there.

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