Why Making Investment in New Zealand Make Sense?

Several people choose New Zealand over other overseas immigration destinations across the world, as this nation has much to offer, in terms of investment and other business opportunities.  According to a survey, the Kiwi Land is the world’s 10th most affluent country.

If you are planning to immigrate to this nation for investment purpose or doing business, there are several advantages that you will enjoy in this regard. Making investment in this country will provide you and your family members access to the colorful lifestyle of the land. Its exotic landscape, advanced technological amenities and quality of life, all have made it a perfect destination to live in.

When it comes to investment in New Zealand, here you will find some of the many reasons to go for it.

Land of Enormous Opportunity

New Zealand is a nation with sound economy, which has been providing great opportunities to its immigrants, in terms of diverse equity investment and bonds. Tourism, communications and information technology, special effects and film production, agricultural research biotechnology and wood-based technology, sectors of the nation are well developed and doing very well.

Business Friendly

For those who have interest in starting, buying or investing a business venture overseas, New Zealand is the best choice. According to a survey, by World Bank in 2010, the Kiwi Land is the best place to easily start a business in the world.

Rule of Democracy

New Zealand is a wonderful place for those business investors, who value transparency, honesty and simplicity. With a healthy social structure and political stability, long-term relationships in businesses are given priority in this nation.

Principle of Free market

New Zealand has an open, worldwide competitive economic system that runs on the principle of free market. With the nation’s growing economy, there are certain other benefits that the investors and other business people to the country will enjoy, which include:

  • No limitations on inflow and outflow of funds
  • No tax on capital gains
  • Development and Research is completely tax deductible
  • Tax incentive activities include motion picture and exploration of petroleum
  • Raw goods can be imported tax-free.

Competitive Taxation

In the Kiwi Land, the rate of corporate tax is 30% — for both foreign and domestic companies. However, there is a 15% indirect tax applicable to all the products and services.

The benefit which the investors with permanent residency NZ enjoy is that credits are provided unilaterally to the residents for foreign income tax, which is subject to tax in the nation. In addition, this country has a system of 35 double tax agreements with their chief trading and investment associates that abolish certain forms of double taxation.

Market Access

When it comes to market access, the Kiwi Land offers close access to global markets via free trade and monetary co-operation agreements with many nations, including Australia, Singapore, China, Chile Thailand and Brunei.

Great Lifestyle

Investing in this land will also offer you an excellent opportunity to live or spend time in this wonderful nation. The soothing climate and exotic natural surroundings make the place the perfect place to live in. Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand, was placed at the 4th spot for its superb quality of life across the world.

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