Skilled Immigration: Australia’s New Policy!

As Australia’s new Prime Minister has cleared that she is not in favor of Rudd government’s ‘Big Australia’ idea, now talks are going on to implement changes to the country’s immigration policy. Julia Gillard is currently concentrating on how the immigration policies could be mended in order to attract overseas skilled workers to the country.

Even though the Prime Minister wishes to use migration as a tool to develop the Australian economy, she is clear-headed about the fact that the nation should boast a sustainable population, not big population. The government is likely to implement changes to the immigration policies that would aid the nation’s infrastructure and sustainability. The government has to say that rather than emphasizing on bigger population, the policies should target skilled workers from across the world to aid the economy.

The changes suggested by Julia Gillard are likely to make Australia a more sustainable nation. They would help the nation attract the skills that it needs, thereby building a more strong economy. The changes would probably lower the number of people immigrating to Australia. However, the Prime Minister said they are not going to block immigration to the nation, but they are focusing more on skilled migration. With this, the nation would also have a population that it can manage.

The news of implementing skill-oriented migration policy is surely a treat for skilled workers who have been planning to migrate to the land of Kangaroos. If you are one of these people, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant with adequate time on your hands!

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