Skilled Migrant in Canada? Steps you can take to be employed

Strange though it may appear, it is a fact that skilled immigrants often have great difficulties getting a job in Canada in their individual domains. It’s true that new places offer new problems in the beginning, but if you move ahead smartly, there is no reason why you cannot negotiate the choppy waters and prevail successfully.

Let’s figure what hurdles greet the new skilled comers in Canada and what can be done about these!

Language & Communication

You could be very skilled in your field, but if you lack good language skills and cannot communicate properly and put your thoughts across successfully, you will be subjected to a great deal of difficulties in the Maple Leaf Country and elsewhere. Job-interviewers often first get impressed with your communication skills, and if you do not have this, chances are high that you would falter and spoil your chances.

Unimpressive CV

Bio-data could make a big difference to your chances of getting a job. Many skilled people fail to get a job in Canada as their CV may not be good enough to leave a good initial impression on the job-providers/interviewers. If you cannot sell yourself cleverly via your CV through attractive professional background, your skills, and the applicable experience you will not be picked up for a job. So work on your CV and make it pretty appealing!

Credential Recognition

Many skilled candidates falter on this score. You could be a skilled immigrant with excellent educational credentials, but it does not mean the Canadian recruiters would appreciate that. They may fail to figure your qualifications. What to do in such a scenario? Get credential evaluation to determine the Canadian equivalency of your degree. Locate credential evaluation service providers and get the job done!

Newly Landed Skilled Migrant


Many skilled immigrants fail to get a job, thanks to lack of good networking. And for this, a large credit must go to the language, and cultural difference factors. If you do not have the right professional connections, you may possibly miss the boat, and fail to get a good opportunity. To avoid such a scenario, build your networking. You can do this via sharing your work experiences with other immigrants, joining a professional immigrant network, and updating your profile on the different online professional sites, such as LinkedIn, for instance.

Canadian Experience

Lack of Canadian experience also often spoils the party and numerous skilled migrants fail to get a job in their field. It’s true that majority of the employers in the Maple Leaf Country may not be too keen to risk their time and money on a newcomer, who may have no Canadian experience to his credit. Given this, if you can somehow manage to have some crucial Canadian Experience, you will improve your chances remarkably. Check with your immigration agents to figure what different methods are available, using which you can get some valuable Canadian Experience, and eventually get a good job in your field in the overseas hotspot.

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