Skilled University Professors Pay Attention Canada FSW Program

If you are interested in joining a Canadian University as a Professor, you will be happy to know that the job outlook for your occupation in the country is extremely positive at the present, as the profession has been mentioned on the recently announced in-demand list. The program has been designed for qualified professionals with the professional skills and relevant experience to fill Canada’s skill shortage under the FSW program. The professionals are granted permanent residency (PR).

To immigrate to Canada and become one of the University Professors (NOC 4121) under the FSW Program, you need to clear a point system, scoring at least 67 points out of 100. If you score well, and complete the required procedure, initially a visa with a validity of 5 years will be granted. At the end of 3 years, you can apply for citizenship.

  1. 25 points will be awarded for Education qualification
  2. 28 points will be given for language proficiency either of the two, i.e., English or French.
  3. 15 points will be allotted for employment experience.
  4. 12 points will be given for age.
  5. 10 points will be doled-out for arranged employment factor.

Work Profile

These experts teach courses to graduate and post graduate students, and undertake research at universities and degree-granting colleges. They specialize in a particular subject such as mathematics, biology, anatomy, chemistry, sociology, business administration, law, etc.

Key Duties

  1. Teach one or more subjects to graduate and post graduate students, and guide students on course and academic matters and career decisions.
  2. Deliver lectures to students and conduct laboratory sessions and group discussions. They direct research schemes for both graduate and post graduate students and advise on research matters.
  3. Get ready, administer and grade examinations, laboratory assignments and reports, and conduct research in field of area and publish findings in scholarly journals, books, etc.
  4. Serve on faculty committees dealing with matters such as curriculum planning, degree requirements and perform different administrative duties.
  5. Represent their universities as speakers and guest lecturers, and offer professional consultative services to both government and private individuals.

Occupational Titles

Department head, food sciences – university
Department head, geography – university
History professor – university
Humanities professor – university
Chairman/woman, physics department – university
Asian studies professor
University instructor, engineering
University professor
Professor of medicine – university

Key Job Requirements

  1. Doctoral degree in the field of specialization
  2. University professors who are also practitioners in their field of specialization must have the appropriate licenses or certification.

Progression to senior positions within a department, faculty or university is possible with experience.

In Canada, the occupation of University Professors is included under the FSW Program because almost half of the country’s professors are on the edge on the retirement, and will need to be replaced with other professionals. To cater to the teaching needs of the world-renowned universities and institutes, both the government and the private sector are seeking highly educated employees, which, in turn, has created a need for more professors. As a result, your choice of occupation is high in demand in some specific areas, such as Ottawa, Winnipeg, Kingston, Waterloo, Halifax, Moncton, etc.

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