Sky’s The Limit for You? Figure How to Become Australian Citizen!

Are you a very ambitious person who wants to get noting but the best? Do you feel you have in it you to strike gold at the highest global level? If yes, Australian beckons you! Become a citizen of this great country! Know how to become an Australian citizen and give wings to your dreams!

Are you from India and keen to apply for Australia PR visa ?

If yes, you will first have to understand this truth that it’s not easy to get citizenship of this very popular destination.

The main reason: Oz is high on the radar of a huge figure of candidates. The result: the competition is very fierce and only the best and the brightest have a chance.

Another reason: The immigration system process of Oz is layered, and you have to navigate through several steps and fulfill numerous requirements.

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How to get the nation’s citizenship?

You can become a citizen via birth or via descent or via naturalization.

For the Option Number 3, you have to chase the Permanent Residence (PR) route in the country. You may become a permanent resident via applying for and getting a Skilled Worker Visa for Australia.

Then, fulfill not only the mandatory legal stay as a resident in nation (Have stayed in the country for a period of four years, including 12 months as a permanent resident immediately leading to the filing of your application for citizenship), but also other compulsory requirements.

For example, you must:

  1. Be more than 16 years old.
  2. Have a clean background with no criminal charges slapped against you.

Citizenship Test

Apart from these, you have to clear the Citizenship Test also. It’s based on your knowledge and understanding of the national society, values and history. It will also review your English language skills, your knowledge of the responsibilities and privileges of being a citizen. Whether you plan to live and do a job in the country or continue a close connection with the nation will also be checked.

What Citizenship Offers?

  1. Right to reside and work in the country
  2. Right to contest for any political post, including that of PM. Yes, it’s true!
  3. Right to access free healthcare. Australian Medicare is world renowned for its superlative quality.
  4. Right to free educational facilities till the 12th
  5. Right to travel to over 165 nations, without a visa or with a visa on arrival. What a blessing! With an Australian Passport you certainly become a global citizen.
  6. Get assistance from an Australian official while abroad.
  7. Register kids born out-of-the-country as Australian citizens, via descent.

Check with expert and reliable Australia immigration consultants to figure How to become citizen of Australia, and get the nation’s prized citizenship with ease and speed!

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