Snoop Dogg Thanks Immigration Authorities

Rapper SNOOP DOGG has thanked the U.K immigration authorities who assisted them to gain entry in the U.K premises as he showed his gestured by publicly acknowledging them on nation T.V. his words mark that he wants to thank all those people who allowed him to come back!

It is a known fact that he was denied entry into the nation in the year 2007. He was speculated to impose threat to the country, after his arrest at the London’s Heathrow Airport in the year 2006.

As a result, he went on to challenge the decision and got success in the year 2008, only to hear that the judge misjudged the case and the bar is imposed again!

The rapper didn’t lose hope and challenged the decision, providing ample evidences of the social and charity work performed by him over the years.

Now the rapper is all happy and especially grateful to the senior Immigration judge who assisted him to overturn the case against the Immigration authorities.

The speech was recorded after the rapper attended a chat show with host Larry King!

All in all, it was a challenging battle won by the rapper, following the restrictions imposed by the Immigration officials on him, but he managed to come out with flying colors. Now reports say that Snoop is planning to perform a big concert in the month of “May” as a part of his European tour. The fans, surely, would be delighted by this outcome!

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