South Australia Expands Its Skilled Immigration Program

Did you know, recent improvements made into Aussie skilled migration program can bring benefits for you also?  The states like South Australia – SA have been quick in reacting and taking advantage of the changes introduced into the functioning of SkillSelect system. The modifications and additions are very inviting and these give every reason for many migrants to rejoice and start preparing for the pushing through the applications for migrating to provinces like SA.

The way the things have progressed in case of Australian skilled migration over last few days, I feel encouraged to share some really valuable inputs about the developments which I personally rate as positive steps. These new introductions have furthered the dynamic image of skilled migration program of Down Under. In my opinion, the most prominent of the things is the delinking of the provincial nomination programs from the annual number caps concept. Prior to this enhancement, a certain level of uncertainty used to prevail over the availability of slots for visa sections 190 permanent and 489 temporary in the provincial nomination schemes. But with the new modification in place the things have become quite convenient for the people intending to place their requests for provincial nominations.

The provincial governments have also felt encouraged with these changes and authorities of South Australia have expanded their skilled migration program by adding up 18 trade codes into the SNOL, i.e.
•    132111  – Corporate Services Manager
•    134211  – Medical Administrator
•    134299  – Health and Welfare Services Managers, nec
•    149212  – Customer Service Manager
•    149915  – Equipment Hire Manager
•    222311  – Financial Investment Adviser
•    223211  – ICT Trainer
•    224611  – Librarian
•    262111  – Database Administrator
•    271214  – Intellectual Property Lawyer
•    311215 – Pharmacy Technician
•    351411 – Cook
•    361211 – Shearer
•    391111 – Hairdresser
•    399212 – Gas or Petroleum Operator
•    399918 – Fire Protection Equipment Technician
•    411311 – Diversional Therapist
•    451815 – First Aid Trainer

Immigrating Down Under would become much easier for immigrants in waiting through the Skilled Immigration Program Of South Australia. The state authorities are now free to short list any number of applicants who suit their program parameters, i.e. the provincial sponsorship programs of the 6 Australian states and territories rely on the state centric requirements. The authorities of the provinces have been given full freedom to select and nominate migration aspirants for permanent or temporary entry arrangements.

To know more about this scheme and lodge your EOI, you can approach us and get all the professional help needed to successfully immigrate Down Under.

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