Specialist Physicians in Canada: Job Duties!

The occupation of Specialist Physicians is one of the 29 List of Occupations brought about by the Canadian government. This group caters to specialist physicians for niche areas such as clinical medicine, surgery as well as laboratory medicine.

In order to assess the applicants by the immigration authorities, he job description as mentioned by the Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is used. As per this description, the following is mandatory in order to cater to the work experience:

Specialists in Clinical Medicine

  • A specialist physician should have the skills to be able to diagnose and treat diseases along with other physiological and psychiatric disorders.
  • Prescribe laboratory tests, X-rays and diagnostic procedures.
  • Give medication and treatment and recommend for surgery wherever necessary.
  • Should be able to conduct medical research.
  • Cater to other physicians as consultants.

Specialists in Laboratory Medicine

  • Such specialist physicians should be able to study the nature, cause as well as the growth and development of the diseases in humans. With this, they should also be able to study the functional as well as the structural modifications brought about by the disease in the human body.
  • Conducting both chemical as well as microscopic analyses of samples obtained for the purpose of laboratory and other specimens.
  • Supervising activities in the lab.
  • Providing consultations to other physicians.

Specialists in Surgery

  • Determining the appropriate surgical procedures for the patients based on the assessment of the diseases or the disorders.
  • Monitoring and performing procedures of surgery in order to rectify physical abnormalities, repairing injuries and other deficiencies.
  • Providing consultations to other physicians.

Such medical practitioners are usually found to be working either in hospitals or have their own private practice. Also, there residents who are trained to be specialist physicians are also a part of this group.

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