Person in Old Man Disguise Caught!

VANCOUVER — A young man from Asia managed to board an Air Canada flight in Hong Kong after he managed to disguise himself in the attire of an old man looking to get refugee status in Vancouver. The case has been termed as “unbelievable case of concealment” by the Canada Border Services Agency.

The identity of the man has not been identified as yet. But his silicone mask adventure has already served huge headlines all over Canada and Hong Kong. Some before-and-after photos are also brought public in the media. It is shocking to see how a young man managed to disguise himself in such a way that he looked like a distinctively aged man.

The description is interesting too. He was seen wearing glasses (like old people wear). His attire was decked with a brown cardigan sweater accompanied by a leather cap and the famous silicone mask which is making news every where.

In accordance with the CBSA bulletin, the man had aged features but his hands looked younger. It was also confirmed that he visited washroom too and was looking some where in his early 20s.

CNN posted the bulletin online. The same bulletin confirmed that the young man was attired with documents like an Aeroplan card and a boarding pass, which he managed to get from an old man in his 50s. The later was an American.

The bulletin said that the man in concern is under CBSA detention. He would be appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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