Ontario Targeted by Bogus Refugees!

More than 440 failed refugees from the United States are targeting Ontario as their next prospective destination crossing its border every month!

The statistics have confirmed the number and they are doing so to file claims in a bid to refrain from deportation. Figures from the Immigration department has confirmed that 3,100 claimants came at Pearson International airport or emerged at the border crossing within a span of six months, starting from January to July 2010. Further, it has also been revealed that the same period of time witnessed 300 U.S. citizens making refugee claims for asylum in Canada.

The immigration officials have also confirmed that various claims were made from nations like Hungary and Slovakia as well. These people are intending to get employment options here.

If a brief look is thrown on the statistics, one thousand and five hundred Hungarians and one hundred and fifteen people from the Slovak Republic went on to file their refugee claims in the first seven months of this month.

In addition to this, it has been seen that various claimants go on to work on undocumented basis. They collect their wages and send the income to their home country. Also, plenty of them go on to settle in Toronto in order to avail various government facilities like health benefits, to name a few.

Federal officials are finding it difficult to stop this exceptional flow of claimants and the refugee wave which it is creating. The strong economy of Canada is another big reason to lure these people to various provinces.

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