Specialist Physicians in Ontario!

Specialist Physicians are those health care practitioners who have undergone post graduate training in a specified field of medicine. These include specialists in the field of clinical medicine, surgery or laboratory medicine.

When it comes to the job prospects of such professionals, the job prospects are very good. This is specifically in reference to foreign trained specialists who intend to live and work in Ontario. Since, the occupation is in demand and is in short of trained professionals, this is a golden opportunity for foreign trained skilled migrants. The best part is this occupation has been listed under the list of 29 occupations which has been brought out by the government of Canada.

The employment opportunities for the professionals under this occupation are expected to grow further especially during this period from 2009 to 2013. This is particularly true for Ontario where the demand is very high. The main reason behind this is the constant rise in the number of ageing population in the overall population. This would clearly mean more retirements in the near future implying more number of vacant positions. The prospects are good especially for those who are trained in the field of psychiatry, pathology, anesthesiology, oncology and obstetrics/gynecology.

Here, it has to be noted that some niche areas under this profession would have more number of openings when compared to others. An important aspect here is that there are some specific geographic locations (remote and low-income areas) where in the demand is high.

Let’s look into the facts pertaining to this occupation in the various regions of Ontario:

  • Waterloo Region – Good job prospects for the profession. Those specializing in the field of internal medicine, radiology, geriatrics, emergency medicine, cardiology, surgery, oncology, pediatrics, psychiatry and anesthesia.
  • Hamilton – This place is also the regional health care centre. It has a medical school as well as teaching hospitals. This caters to some good job prospects. As of now, the demand is high for pathologists, psychiatrists and dermatologists in this region.
  • Niagara Area – According to the specialist recruiter from the Niagara Health System, there is a constant demand for specialists majoring in emergency room along with psychiatrists for this particular region.
  • London-Woodstock – Again, this region has a medical school, teaching hospitals along with other regional health care centers. This clearly depicts for the increased demand for specialist physicians. At the same time, the region is also short of specialist physicians in the field of radiology and oncology and so on.
  • Sudbury – There is shortage of physicians especially in the Northwestern Ontario. Most of those practicing medicine in this region are not even residing permanently in this region.

Above all, when it comes to the occupation of specialist physician, it has been noticed that about 43 percent are above the age of 45 years. Ontario is just one of the many regions in Canada where this occupation is in demand. At the same time, the lack of qualified and skilled professionals within Canada makes it for a perfect opportunity for foreign trained migrants.

If you are a foreign trained physician seeking immigration options to Canada, contact an immigration and visa consultant to know more on the same.

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