Sponsor Your Parents in New Zealand!

Living and working in New Zealand allows an applicant to make his or her career but this should not be done at the cost of living away from your parents. Here are some of the facets linked with “FAMILY SPONSORSHIP: PARENT CATEGORY

  • Centre of Gravity Test: In order to satisfy this test, it is mandatory that the parents have an equal or greater number of children who are living in the land of Kiwis as compared to any other country.
  • The main applicant (sponsor) should be a resident of New Zealand for a minimum of three years on the date of filing the application. It is essential that the applicant has lived in NZ for a minimum of 184 days for each three years before filing an application for sponsoring the parent.
  • Financial aspects play a crucial role when it comes to sponsoring your parents in the land of Kiwis. You must have a household income of a minimum of  $29,897.92
  • The sponsor should be an Adult (17 years of age or over)
  • Physically present in NZ and should be a New Zealand or Australian citizen.
  • Meet the minimum income requirements.
  • You can not file the application for sponsorship while you are out of the country. It is a must that you should have your physical presence in the NZ at the time you put the application in. In addition, you will be required to sign a declaration that would state that you as a sponsor would repay all the benefits received by them in the first two years from the NZ government.

Other facets

No two applications are processed in the same manner and time. Therefore critical situations like this require you to hire the services of an Immigration and Visa veteran to smoothen out the whole process. Once your Immigration guide clears out your application and documentation aspects, you would be granted with a letter of “approval in principle,” followed by instructions on the next steps involved in the Immigration process.

Medical Assessments

The most critical aspect of sponsoring your parent is that they must be reasonably healthy and clear the “acceptable standard of health” set out by the NZ government.

  • Parents have to go through the Medical examinations, get them certified from Medical Assessor and show the documentation to the Case Officer.
  • The Medical Assessor may provide a brief opinion or may even refuse to give any opinion on your health. Also INZ has every right to send your medical information to another Medical Assessor for a second opinion. If the second opinion also comes out as “unacceptable,” you are only left with the chance to apply for the “Medical Waiver.” To avoid such complications, it is always advised to hire the services of an Immigration guide before filing the application.

Appendix 10 Conditions

Certain medical conditions are automatically deemed, in order to prove that the parents are not eligible to immigrate to NZ under the Appendix 10 Conditions. Some of them are:

  1. Diseases linked with Central Nervous System
  2. Solid organ transplants
  3. Genetic or congenital disorders
  4. Cardiac disease
  5. Chronic renal failure
  6. Malignancies of solid organs
  7. Severe autoimmune disease
  8. HIV infection
  9. Hepatitis B surface antigen positive
  10. Chronic obstructive respiratory disease

One can read about the conditions at: (http://www.immigration.govt.nz/opsmanual/i10008.htm).

If your parents are suffering with any one condition mentioned in Appendix 10, then they are not eligible to immigrate under PARENT SPONSORSHIP to New Zealand. But if they don’t have any of these disorders, this does mean that they have cleared the medical assessment. You must also prove that your health won’t cost more than $25,000 to the New Zealand Health Service.

List of Documents


  1. You need to prove that you hold a Residency Permit in New Zealand. In addition, you may be required to show the copies of your passport and letter from the Department of Internal affairs, to name a few.
  2. Duly Filled Sponsorship Form 1024
  3. Statements from Bank in order to show a proof of your financial condition.


  1. Fill out the standard Residency Application Form 1000
  2. Satisfy the conditions linked with good health requirements and good character requirements. Therefore they need to show police and medical certificates (less than 6 and 3 months respectively).
  3. Birth certificates showing the relationship with your sponsor
  4. Application Fee

The procedure looks tedious and complicated. To avoid any hassles, it is advised to take guidance from an Immigration Veteran, who is always updated with the recent amendments happening in the Immigration world. Consult one today.

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