Sponsoring Migrant Workers to UK

Individuals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) could avail sponsorship for moving into the UK. This directly includes the people who satisfy the Tier-2 visa category. Under this, work permits are given to individuals who comply as skilled workers. Companies could send their workers to UK for projects or assignment based purposes.

Thus these people require a sponsorship from the company. Sponsoring migrant workers requires the company to obtain a license. The company should register itself as a sponsor. For this, the company details and the necessary documents are sent to the border agencies in the UK. This is mostly done online as courier and posts consume excess time.  The processing is done on a point based system. Once the processing is done, the UK Border agency notifies the company.

Under the points based system, points are awarded based on its contribution to the UK economy. The immigration related websites notify the company about its grading. Based on this, the company is rated under category A or B. The companies graded under “A” are out of risk and are trusted by the UK immigration agencies. On the other hand, those under B are supposed to follow the norms strictly.

This is because their license may have produced some discrepancies. So, based on this grading, the company acquires a license at a nominal fee. Once licensed, the company could sponsor workers under the Tier-2 visa category for UK. This requires each worker to be provided with a certificate of sponsorship.

This certificate is on behalf of the licensed company. After this, the workers and the company should ensure that they aren’t a problem to immigration control. Hence, they have to comply with sponsorship management systems.  The authorizing officer or the key contact of the license is approached in case of any problem. Sponsoring migrant workers only mean a license to stay. It does not mean permanent settlement or residence in the UK.

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