Story of a Refugee!

Iranian refugee Mohsen Soltani stated the story of his life, depicting that the mandatory detention spoiled his life! And now he is living with the blemishes of the time he spent at the time when he was detained.

The artist who is an applauded poet said that they ruined his life during that time and wasted four beautiful years of his life in the centers of New South Wales as well as Western Australia. Here they have compressed all his spirits.

According to reports, it was in the year 1999 when the concerned person was moved to Port Hedland detention centre in WA. But the year 2003 saw his release after he was moved to the Villawood, in Sydney’s southwest.

After getting his release, he said to a lot of people that the situation in detention centers was HELL. He told all this in a rally which was performed in the opposition of PM Julia Gillard who proposed to come out with an altogether asylum center. The banners were geared with all sorts of slogans like “Refugees are Invited here.”

Mr. Soltani went on to say that the proposal of the new Prime Minister says states that her policies are same with that of previous Prime Minister as well as the Immigration Minister. It was earlier announced by the Prime Minister that East Timor would be the new place for new detention centre. He said that they are not willing to repeat the history of making the lives hell for people to under the mandatory detention procedures.

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