3111 Specialist Physicians in Canada!

Healthcare industry in any country is one of the utmost important for any country, so the need of the doctors and physicians are always in great demand in any country. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has included specialist physicians in the list of 29 occupations under which an applicant can apply for immigration and permanent visa under skilled category for Canada.

Qualifying Criteria for Immigration

  1. A bachelor’s degree is a must for immigration in Canada.
  2. It is important to have a graduation degree from an authorized medical institution and training in a specific area is required.
  3. It is mandatory to clear the certifying examination of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  4. Two years of subspecialty training may also be required.
  5. An applicant must possess a license issued by the provincial authority.

However, the requirements vary as per the various specializations in medicine such as clinical medicine, surgery, laboratory medicine and so on.

Duties and Responsibilities

In clinical medicine, specialists are supposed to do following task:

  1. They diagnose and treat the disease of the patient. They handle both the physiological and psychiatric disorders.
  2. They give information to the patient about necessary laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures.
  3. Prescribing medicines for the treatment and surgery, if required.
  4. They also consult other physicians if their help is needed.
  5. They may also conduct some medical research in particular cases.

In laboratory medicine, specialist physicians perform various tasks:

  1. They study the nature of the disease in human body. They also look after the cause and development of the diseases and its affects inside the human body.
  2. They take the various samples and specimens for microscopic and chemical analysis to be taken in the laboratory.
  3. They work as supervisors to the various activities in laboratory.
  4. Helping other physicians in their cases.

In surgery, specialist physicians perform various tasks:

  1. They asses the disease or disorder of the patient to determine the nature of surgery for that patient.
  2. They are the ones who perform the surgical procedure for the treatment of the patient’s physical disorder or any injury.

Above all, the field of healthcare and medicine offers state of the art facilities in Canada with great opportunities to work. If you are a medical practitioner qualifying the above requirements, write to us at [email protected] to know more!

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