Welcoming New Australian Citizens on Constitution Day!

July 9 is a big day for certain visa holders, for, on this day Australia celebrates Constitution Day, where new citizens are welcomed or awarded Australian citizenship. This is the day when Queen Victoria gave her royal assent to the Constitution of Australia. Thus, Constitution Day is the occasion when the nation celebrates its creation.

Every year, when 9th of July is celebrated as Constitution Day by the whole nation, the Australian immigration department marks the day as the perfect occasion to welcome new Oz citizens. Today is this especial day where as part of the occasion, many ceremonies are taking place to welcome Australian visa holders as new citizens.

According to a spokesperson for the Australian Immigration Department, the Constitution Day is one of the nation’s most important days. It has also importance because of the fact that on this day the nation welcomes new citizens who are the prospective contributors to the Australian economy and community.

This year, Australia is going to acknowledge a total of 500 new citizens from seventy nations across the globe in a number of ceremonies across Australia. The ceremonies on Constitution Day have been giving new entrants the opportunities to be proud of being Australians and likewise, this year’s ceremonies are going to give the nation’s newest citizens an opportunity to acknowledge their citizenship in one of the most friendly and welcoming nations in the world. Several ceremonies on Constitution Day are going to take place in prominent cities like Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

Australia has always been a great place to be in. If you are planning to immigrate to the nation, it is advised to seek the professional help of an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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