Strong Canadian Economy Motivates World Migrants to Immigrate to Canada

The national economy of Canada is incredibly vigorous. It greatly inspires the visitors from across the globe to immigrate to Canada to gain from it. Canada–which is amongst the world’s wealthiest nations—presently, holds the 14th position in the global economy.

Service industry dominates the economy employing the maximum number of Canadians. The residents enjoy unmatched economic freedom. The two most important industries are logging and oil industries. In central Canada, aircraft and automobile industries rule.

The Maple Leaf Country is rich in natural resources. It holds the Number 1 position in producing many valuable and important metals, like Zinc, potassium, and Sulphur etc.  As much as 80% of its resources are exported to the neighboring US. At the same time, oil reserves of the country are attaining outstanding position in the extraction of natural resources. One of the largest industries constitutes of pulp and paper sector, which is related with the logging industry.
The strong point of the Canadian economy is its banking sector. It successfully survived even the global economic meltdown that gripped the world not long back. As such they don’t need government money to run them; they are loaded with enough finance to deal with the daily needs. Significantly, most of the financial centres lie in the eastern part of the nation. Great pains are taken to regulate these industries for the advantage of the national economy.

Canada economy has emerged as the strongest economy of the world over the past few decades. One of the main reasons behind its vigorous economy is their trade policy, which emphasizes on exporting more than importing things. It is exporting large and different quantity of oil to the neighboring and countries across the globe. This makes the Canadian dollar more powerful.

The country has always maintained a policy of trade surplus. Usually, they export more of consumer and raw goods which place them in attaining strong financial base. The economy enjoys the surplus which helps them import lesser quantity of raw materials, and most of the Canadians being responsible consumers, try to preserve whatever and whenever it’s possible.

The major part of the revenue surplus comes from the automotive industry. These industries are involved in designing, manufacturing, and the marketing of motor vehicles. The production of this sector is increasing day-by-day giving its ample scope to flourish. Canada is the 9th largest producer of the vehicle in the world. Most of its GDP comes from this sector.

A majority of the nationals are employed in this sector. To make it more precise, one out of every seven Canadian is fruitfully engaged with this industry. Assemblers of Canadian vehicles are very competitive. In fact, skilled workers working in this segment are the major players behind the rapidly growing economy.

Another fundamental industry which plays a key role in the growth of the Canadian economy is its software industry. The industry deals with the maintaining and developing of software along with valuable services, like training and consulting about the different business models.

The remarkable development took place with a great demand for personal computers. It also created significant markets for games and other utilities. Remarkably, as many as 31,500 software firms create and supply around 11.5% of GDP, to the nation’s economy.

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