Cities of Australia Less Expensive for Aliens, Suggests Annual Living Survey

As per the living survey–which reportedly covers 211 cities throughout five continents and measures expenses including lodging, transport, food, clothing, household wares, & amusement/entertainment—many top cities of Australia have become comparatively less pricey even while Sydney has been knocked-out of a list of the globe’s 10 most costly cities, largely courtesy the declining Australian dollar.

The city has dropped from the 9th most expensive city position to the 26th spot. Several other cities of Oz have also slipped down the 2014 list. Melbourne has headed south 17 positions to 33, even as Perth has nose-dived as many as 19 positions to the 37 spot. Not to be left behind, Brisbane has tumbled outside the topmost 50.

Allegedly, a softening of the dollar against the US currency was the primary factor. Since July 2010, the dollar has dropped 14.6% even as it denotes Down Under is now much more competitive at the international level and residing in Sydney; for instance, will be viewed as being less costly for the migrants and the overseas employees. However, the same does not signify that the cities of Oz have become much more affordable for the nationals.

Vis-à-vis the previous year, where Sydney occupied a place inside the top 10 most costly cities internationally, efforts were made to make certain that the wages effectively mirrored the difference in the cost of living to a worker’s home nation, to draw and keep hold of talent. Presently, a lot more flexibility in setting salaries and drawing the workers from the international talent bank, knowing the expat dollar will move a great deal further, has been offered.

Allegedly, the drop in rankings could also make the cities of Down Under much more attractive for the organizations to employ, as headquarters, for their businesses across the Asian and the Pacific regions. The decrease in the expenses denotes that the Australian cities have become even more appealing as a location for international projects, or so it is claimed.

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