Are You Chief Information Officer? Australia Immigration Right for You!

In the preset scenario, many skilled Chief Information officers are willing to immigrate to a country that gives a kick start to their professional life. If one thinks about the many available immigration options for these experienced practitioners, then perhaps a good option would be the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia. No doubt, the country is just perfect for the Chief Information Officers, for immigration purposes.

‘Oz’, is a multi cultural democratic country with more than 20% of its population consists of immigrants. Local citizens are fairly friendly and the environment is peaceful with minimum crime rate. The country with amazing scenic beauty is in continuous need of skilled professionals. Presently, Chief Information Officers are highly demanded across the country as the local talent has not been able to meet the continuous demand.

Just in case if you are one of those Chief Information Officers, waiting for right time to immigrate to Australia, than please be informed that the time is just perfect now. Any further delay can cause harm to your dream. Alternatively, also known as ‘Chief Technology Officers’ these practitioners can easily immigrate to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia under the ANZSCO Code 135111.
An experienced and qualified Chief Information officer is responsible to develop, plan, organize, supervise, and coordinate the various ICT working strategies plans, and also oversees the operations of an organization to make sure that the ICT infrastructure supports the organization’s operations and priorities.

Job Responsibilities

Many Australian provinces are willing to recruit Chief Information Officers. The scarcity of these professionals provides ample of Immigration options to immigrate to your dream destination, i.e., Australia.  Key responsibilities assigned to these professionals are as follow:

  • Analyze information needs and specify technologies to meet those needs.
  • Formulate and execute various strategies, policies and plans on information and communication technology.
  • Oversee the selection process and installation of information and communication technology resources, and set the provision for user training.
  • Supervise the operations of information and communication technology, and set priorities between system developments, maintenance and operations.
  • Administer the security of ICT systems.

Qualifications Required

To become a Chief Information Officer, you are required a three years bachelor’s degree or a two year’s post graduation degree in relevant subject. A minimum of five years of work experience may substitute for the prescribed qualification. In some particular instances, applicable experience and/or on-the-job training could be expected, apart from the recognized qualification.

The occupation finds mention on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List and RSMS Occupations List. The former applies to following types of visa, 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) – where sponsored through a Standard Business Sponsorship, Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) – direct entry stream, and State/Territory Sponsored GSM Visas – such as subclass 190, and subclass 489.

Wages, Work Environment

Chief Information Officers or Chief Technology officers are paid quite handsomely. If you are lucky, you can easily collect between AU$65,500 and 68,200 every year. These practitioners work in a healthy yet competitive environment. Only a hard working and dedicated applicant can hope you make the cut.

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