Attention Skilled Welfare Centre Managers! Australia Immigration Beckons You!

The breaking news for all qualified Welfare Centre Managers motivated with Australia Immigration is that you are ‘officially’ needed in the beautiful ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, as the country is unable to find local talent to meet the growing demand for these professionals.

As per the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations 134214 – Welfare Centre Managers, post Australia Immigration, are responsible to plan, organize, direct, supervise, control, monitor, and co-ordinate a centre or team, program or project concerned with social welfare support.

To make the cut for these responsibilities, you must have at least a three years bachelor’s degree or superior qualification from a recognized institute in relevant subject. A minimum of five years of demonstrated experience could replace the formal education. In certain cases, appropriate experience, and/or the first-hand training, is required, apart from the formal qualification.

Welfare Centre Managers Key Responsibilities

  • Direct and manage the services, facilities of organization or centre.
  • Build-up, implement and monitor various procedures, standards and policies for medical, nursing, allied health and administrative staff.
  • Coordinate and administer health and welfare programs along with clinical services.
  • Monitor and evaluate resources related to health, welfare, recreation, housing, employment, training, and other community facilities.
  • Supervise various administrative operations such as developing budget, submitting report.
  • Accountable for expenditure on supplies, equipment and services.
  • Timely coordinate with boards and funding bodies to discuss areas of health.
  • Provide suggestions to various government bodies about different needed measures to improve health and welfare services and facilities.
  • Represent the organization in negotiation and at meetings, conventions, public hearings and forums.
  • Select, train and supervise staff.

The increase in demand for Welfare Centre Manager does not only make the profession valuable but also make it one of the safest and prosperous options. It is likely with time the demand will increase further, and when local talent fails to meet the growing demand the oversee talent will be preferred with handsome pay cheques.

Luckily, these professionals have the freedom to choose their own path of immigration. The line-of-work has been clearly mentioned on Skilled Occupations List (SOL), the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, and the RSMS Occupations List. Other options are to be sponsored by an Australian employer. Under this category, you need to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) on Skill Select only after completing specified mandatory formalities.

Consult MARA Registered Immigration Advisors

If you are a trained Welfare Centre Manager, and willing to immigrate to Australia, you do not have to run from pillar to post, to process your application. Simply seek advice from an immigration expert and make sure before you consult one only trust the MARA registered immigration expert. Though no expert guarantees you 100% successes, a decent try under the guidelines of an experienced immigration expert could prove helpful.

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