Students Took a Bold Step of Disclosing their Illegal Status!

Immigration is definitely an issue and has become a big problem for illegal immigrants living in US but this has not deterred many youths of the country from taking the path of righteousness. Many youngsters from United States gathered outside the White House to admit their status as an illegal immigrant in front of the US government publicly.

They declared about their illegal status openly in a hope to create some changes and help out other undocumented youngsters living in the nation like them. And they are doing this at one of the most politicized areas of the country that is outside the White House.

Teodoro, a student at the University of Massachusetts and one of the participant students expressed herself by saying that she would not lie about her status and would prefer to be arrested rather than always living under fear. Her parents were deported to Brazil from the United States a couple of years ago. Like her, many other youngsters have almost the similar story to share. And they all have rested their hopes on Dream Act; a bill to be passed by US Immigration .This legislation would provide a path for illegal young immigrants to become the legal citizens of the United States under two conditions. One is either they serve the country by working in the military or obtain a college degree.

There are many young students living illegally in the nation who are attending the classes in which they are meeting the legislators sharing their personal information about their illegal status. Most of these youngsters have been living in America since their childhood and identify themselves as Americans only. This is truly a bold step take by these youths which needs to be applauded and this speaks aloud about their limit of frustration for living under fear. Such step is the reflection of the urgent need of some change in the immigration law in United States for this would be affecting the lives of many people to a large extent.

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